Jennifer Welter remembers the exact moment she felt truly accepted as the first female coach in the NFL.

It was back in July 2015, and she was training a rookie player with the Arizona Cardinals when the team’s linebacker Lorenzo Alexander strolled by.

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One big obstacle is Leonard Marshall, the former New York Giants great who is leading a class-action suit on behalf of 4,500 former NFL players against Riddell, alleging the company until 2002 had not properly informed players about the risks of concussions despite knowing better.

The legendary lineman says he got a call in July from possible suitors, who offered him cash and an equity stake in the company in exchange for dropping his suit.

“I am not going to drop my lawsuit because I am part of a much bigger picture,” said Marshall, who is most famous for his brutal 1991 hit that knocked Joe Montana out of the 1991 NFC championship game.

“I feel like there are too many bodies in this for me to Cheap Fishing Jerseys withdraw Cheap Game Jerseys and relieve them of liability,” he said.

Marshall’s lawyer Jason Luckasevic, originator of the NFL concussion lawsuit, declined to name the prospective bidder for Riddell, although he revealed it was a firm that primarily manufactures equipment for other sports.

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