Bucks helped a young fan kick an inflatable raptor in the face

The Milwaukee Bucks are not playing fair during the game breaks. Before the game started, the arena played the Barney the Dinosaur song for the Toronto Raptors during player introductions. They did this twice! If you’re not a member of the Raptors, you probably find this funny.

Then the Bucks took it a step further on Saturday.

The Bucks got a young fan to run on the court and, with the help of Bango, she kicked a raptor in the face! What did that inflatable dino ever do to you, young fan? He just wanted to hang out and enjoy some basketball. We do not condone violence against raptors or any other prehistoric creature.

This is an impressive kick though. It looks like she’s in a wrestling Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale ring and delivered a big boot to her opponent.

In which the players you’re less familiar with become players you’re more familiar with. Max Kepler wasn’t one of the 1,521 players drafted in 2009, but he came out of nowhere to become a top-100 prospect before the 2016 season, and then he held his head above water in the majors. He’s looking like a modern-day David DeJesus right now, and Only 2000s Kids Will Understand How Exciting That Is. If he keeps it up, and a Cheap Oakland Raiders Jerseys dozen other things go right, the Twins have a shot.

Robbie Grossman is doing what he did last year, and he’s doing it just a little more convincingly, with more walks than strikeouts.

Eduardo Escobar is floating around, taking over the Nu?ez role and doing even better than he did in 2014 and 2015. He’ll need to keep doing that.

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