Bill Belichick deflects Gisele’s claims that Tom Brady suffered a concussion

Tom Brady made offseason headlines when his wife Gisele Bundchen told CBS’ Charlie Rose that he suffered a concussion last season. However, the Patriots never reported one and Brady’s agent denied it.

Reporters finally asked Bill Belichick about it Tuesday, when he gave a short-winded response. Not only did he said that the team files reports in compliance with league guidelines, but he also made it clear he’s a coach, not a doctor, something he’s said outright before.

“You know, our medical staff really handles the injury situation with players,” he said. “Players don’t come to me and I don’t treat them for injuries. That’s not really my job. That’s what we have medical staff for.”

Financially, it’s a logical decision for a team in the midst of a rebuild, but the timing is surprising.

“Very disappointing [sic] in the timing of this event and the decision,” Harris’ agents — Brian Mackler and Jim Ivler — said, via Schefter. “The Jets could have done this prior to free agency instead of waiting three months, especially for a player who has exhibited nothing but loyalty and class for 10 years.”

Bowles called the decision to release Harris Cheap Jerseys Ireland an “organizational decision” and revealed that there were talks of a pay cut for the linebacker, but they were unsuccessful. Still, $6.5 million isn’t much for a reliable starter.

It was likely spurred by the acquisition of Demario Davis last week. The Jets shipped Cheap Jerseys No Shipping Fees safety Calvin Pryor to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for Davis. The 28-year-old linebacker spent the first four seasons of his career with the Jets before signing a two-year, $8 million deal with the Browns a year ago.

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