here are two truths I tell the sports radio folks.

And who knows? Maybe it will be the turning point. Rizzo has hit leadoff six times, and the Cubs are 4-2 in those games. That’s a good start.

But bigger picture, here are two truths I tell the sports radio folks.

Truth No. 1. Now that the Cubs have finally won a World Series, that’s Cheap Ice Hockey Jerseys the only goal. Triple-digit regular-season win totals are cool and all, but the first step of reaching the ultimate goal is to get to the playoffs, and the reality is that the Cubs (or Brewers or Cardinals or Pirates or Reds) aren’t going to need triple digits to claim the NL Central title. Right now, the Brewers are in first place in the division with a .528 winning percentage. Know how many wins a .528 winning percentage produces over a full season?

All the numbers and all the analysis tell us baseball is becoming more of a strikeout, walk and home-run-centric game. These “three true outcomes” have increased each season. And this season, it’s reached a new threshold with home runs jumping to a level not seen since the steroid era. And yet, in the face of all that, we have Bogaerts.

Bogaerts is a big, strong and supposedly power-hitting shortstop who doesn’t hit for power, walk or strikeout much, and somehow has generated the third-most value for his team of any shortstop in baseball. Considering home runs are the currency of moment and Bogaerts has five of them, one wonders: How is Bogaerts creating value while swimming against baseball’s current?

This isn’t the story of a slap-hitting 5-5 middle infielder who comes to the plate with the metaphorical equivalent of a cricket bat, where the best-case scenario Cheap Ireland Rugby Jerseys is a bloop over the shortstop’s outstretched glove. Bogaerts is listed at 6-1, 210 pounds and, unlike with some players, the PR department hasn’t added a few inches or a dozen pounds.

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