NBA free agency 2017: Last year’s spending spree is done, and new reality sets in

A year ago, the NBA braced for a spending explosion as the new national television deal finally hit the salary cap, leading to an incredible $1 billion in available spending .

Now, in no small part thanks to the remarkable Cheap Wholesale NBA Jerseys irresponsibility of general managers last offseason, that $1 billion has shrunk to about $400 million for the summer of 2017.

The biggest shift actually comes at the bottom, as exactly half of the league’s teams will start the offseason looking at a Mid-Level exception as their best way to add new talent. That represents a massive change, as last year only three franchises stayed over the salary cap. Even with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement’s larger Mid-Level exceptions, having fifteen teams with less than $10 million to spend on non-minimum additions dramatically cuts league-wide free agent space.

Favre saw a significant dip in his own personal production during that 4-12 2005 season, which in hindsight makes it pretty amazing that he wasn’t pulled for the first-round rookie. He only threw 20 touchdowns, but he did lead the league with 372 completions (he also led the league Cheap Youth NFL Jerseys in interceptions with 29). Is this the point in time that Ed Werder is potentially alluding to?

But before finding his home with the Jays, Seattle was a big cause of that discomfort: Smoak was never really given the opportunity to be “The Guy” in the Emerald City. In his four full seasons with the Mariners, he played in 466 of a possible 648 games. And while no one expects 162 games out of anyone anymore, Smoak never reached the customary 500 at-bats in any year with Seattle.

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