Try to take advantage of some of the things MLB does well.

“So you’ll watch a highlight, and if you want to buy maybe part of a game that’s going on live, if you want to buy that game, you’ll be able to buy it directly through the app or subscribe to the service directly through the app,” Disney CEO Robert Iger told reporters Tuesday in announcing the agreement (per

Disney’s investment in BAM Media comes three months after ESPN and MLB’s cable arm, MLB Network, began collaborating on programming. One hour of MLBN’s weekday program “Intentional Talk” has been airing on ESPN2 since May. ESPN began airing the show as it simultaneously reduced airtime for its long-running “Baseball Tonight” program.

So, back to the initial question, presented differently: Will all this synergy — the streaming deal on top of the programming deal on top of the cable deal — give Disney/ESPN too much influence over MLB? Not on the field, it won’t. Do not expect the owners and players making radical changes to the rules or to scheduling.

With that being the case, knock yourself out, Disney. Try to take advantage of some of the things MLB does well.

Analysis: The Astros want to turn their dominance in the American League into playoff strength, and Liriano is part of that strategy. The 33-year-old left-hander was 6-5 with a 5.88 ERA in 18 starts for the Blue Jays this season, but he will work out of the bullpen with the Astros, who boast a strong Vip Cheap Jerseys rotation when everyone is healthy.

Aoki, 35, and Hernandez, 24, give Toronto outfield depth. Hernandez Trade Cheap Jerseys could become a long-term contributor.

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