White Sox trade Todd Frazier to Yankees for top prospects

Todd Frazier is heading to the Yankees for prospects, with pitchers David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle also part of the deal. CBS Chicago’s Bruce Levine was the first to report the trade.

The 2017 rotation is not getting much of anything from Josh Tomlin and Trevor Bauer, so even though Kluber, Carrasco, and Salazar are all contributing, and Mike Clevenger has done a great job of filling in the blanks, there is room for improvement. Kluber and Darvish together in a postseason rotation that also has Carrasco in it would be devastating to opposing teams, especially with Cleveland’s still-stupidly-jaw-dropping bullpen behind them.

Cleveland gaining Darvish would also help them secure an AL Central that has lost the competitiveness of the Twins and replaced it with the Royals, in what has basically been the equivalent of the real antagonist of a video game being revealed halfway through when it turns out you only defeated their underling.

This one is an A-, which might seem high, but again, we’re hours from the deadline. The only reason this isn’t an A+ believable rumor is because the Yankees and Dodgers are still involved in Darvish negotiations.

With that being said, though, Yahoo’s Jeff Passan says the Dodgers and Rangers “simply aren’t matching up” despite repeated attempts to do so, and the Yankees remain focused on Sonny Gray as their primary target. That might leave the Indians as the only team willing to give the Rangers anything for Wholesale MLB Jerseys Darvish, unless someone swoops in with a slightly better offer after realizing the Really Cheap Jerseys coastal bullies have left the room.

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