You can’t get too caught up on one quarter or one drive because it’s a long game.

Brown is one of only about 30 black players in the NHL. He’s in a contract year. That he believed strongly enough in a cause to stand out certainly does not fit within hockey culture, which makes it even more commendable. Brown has been eloquent in explaining why he raises his voice on social issues, including comments to me in August when he donated to a fund to remove a confederate statue in downtown Tampa, Florida. It’s not just about raising awareness. It’s also about “creating a more inclusive environment” and setting the example for his daughter, who was born this summer. She’s not the only one who can learn by his example.

“We needed to improve that area. Last week it really hurt us not being able to run the ball,” said Kingsbury, whose team bounced back from an agonizing 41-34 loss to No. 15 Oklahoma State.

“When they gave us an opportunity,” he added, “we were moving bodies.”

Nic Shimonek still threw for 233 yards and two scores, and Justus Parker picked off two passes and returned one for a score, to keep the Red Raiders perfect in 10 tries in Lawrence.

“We knew it was very important to start fast,” Stockton said. “When the offense has a chance to go down there and score, you have to put points on the board.”

Northwestern: The Wildcats continue to struggle. And Thorson’s shaky play isn’t helping. He struggled again after throwing two interceptions and getting sacked eight times in a loss at Wisconsin the previous week.

– Barkley on whether he was frustrated by his slow Fashion Online Shop Cheap Jerseys start: “You’ve got to find a way to continue to win. You can’t get too caught up on one Cycling Cheap Jerseys play. ”

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