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the Dolphins enter the regular season relatively healthy.

Center Mike Pouncey remains on a careful practice schedule after hip surgery but will play when the Dolphins return to the field in Week 2. The bigger question is whether he will stay healthy for all 16 games. — James Walker

Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t practice Wednesday, but as for playing Sunday night when the New York Giants open the season against the Dallas Cowboys, he said he “wouldn’t count it out.”

First, I’m going to look to save money at quarterback. The difference between the QB1 on a week and the QB10 that same week is a much smaller difference than the scoring gap between the top scoring guy at the other skill positions. Basically, your quarterback isn’t going to win you a week, so look to a cheaper option that has a positive matchup. The strategy here in daily fantasy is akin to the strategy of streaming quarterbacks from the waiver wire in season-long leagues. If a quarterback is a potential streamer in your friends and family league, he is probably someone I’m going to be considering using in my DraftKings head-to-head lineup that week.

Running back is definitely a spot where I want to spend, but it’s not blind spending; there’s a method to the madness. I’m looking for volume, and there are three boxes I want to check off Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys on my list before picking a cash game running back.

First, I want someone I can project to eclipse 20 touches, with the possibility for Cheap Football Jerseys From China more. This is pretty straightforward, but an important consideration if you are spending big and might be enticed by big-play backs who simply don’t get the right amount of volume.

The Lakers aren’t tanking any longer

The Lakers made a second big move in NBA free agency on Tuesday, reaching a one-year deal with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for $18 million. KCP had struck out as a restricted free agent and been renounced by the Pistons; with no one willing to beat the five-year, $80 million deal he’d turned down from Detroit over the long term, the two-way guard decided to re-earn that money on an annual basis. The idea for KCP is that he’ll have a strong 2017-18 and be well-positioned as an unrestricted free agent on July 1 to sign a long-term deal.

What’s the idea for the Lakers? They are done tanking, and not a moment too soon. L.A. doesn’t own its own 2018 first-round draft pick — that’s going to the Sixers or Celtics — and the Lakers have a new regime that wants to wash the bad taste of the past several years out of fans’ mouths. KCP is a better two-guard than Jordan Clarkson or any other option the Lakers have, so this should help them actually be better.

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis is now trying to convince John Wall to sign the $170 million extension offer on the table through the media. (This is light cajoling at best. It’s not untoward by any standard.) It might work. But NBA players — stars especially — like betting on themselves, and if Wall bets on himself to make All-NBA again next season, the new max extension would be worth $220 million. Also, D.C. sports fans can’t have nice things so Wall definitely isn’t signing that extension.

Inside the NBA’s training program for assistant coaches.

The WNBA’s Seattle Storm had a pre-game rally for Planned Parenthood.

Best wishes and best of luck to Tim Kawakami and Marcus Thompson, who are decamping from their Bay Area newspapers to start up a franchise of The Athletic. Those Cheap Nike Jerseys dudes are the absolute best sportswriters in the Bay Area, which is saying something.

A sweet story from Justin Tinsley on the impact the late Stu Scott Cheap Packer Jerseys had on him.

The Wizards are going to make the Nets pay with their time for signing Porter to that deal

This has been one internet fever theory: that Kyrie saw the writing on the wall and tried to get out before LeBron bolts. To be honest, that makes no sense given the stated rationale for Irving’s trade request. Kyrie is going to be criticized for requesting a trade to escape LeBron’s shadow. If he were truly requesting a trade to be the first man off a sinking ship, his camp would have leaked that instead. It would sound better to the masses and create a distraction.

Unless the Cavaliers completely botch this thing, it’s unlikely Irving’s request will affect LeBron’s decision one way or the other. Some people think LeBron is totally bailing. Some people (including myself) think he’s finishing his career in Cleveland.

The Wizards are going to make the Nets pay with their time for signing Porter to that deal, according to Bontemps.

And the Wizards intend to take their time doing so, forcing the Nets Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping to sit around for four extra days with their cap space tied up because Cheap NFL Jerseys From China of the offer. In addition to Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys the two days the Wizards have to match Porter’s offer initially, there also is a two-day window in which Porter will need to report to the team and be given a physical and another two-day window after that for the team to announce he has passed the physical.
Live look at the Washington Wizards:

The Wizards have maintained they’d match any offer sheet Porter signs in restricted free agency and they probably will. But now, because they didn’t sign him the first opportunity they could, they’ll end up with less security with Porter having a fourth-year option on his deal.

As we just saw with Gordon Hayward, having extra years of security on players is important. If Porter breaks out at any point, the leverage the Wizards have to retain him is gone. They could’ve offered him a max deal with a fifth year and no option, but they didn’t. In three years, they could pay for it.

Boston may have been holding that offer until Gordon Hayward made his free-agent decision

When Nichols came to Carroll’s defense and said he wasn’t a bad player, Jackson said: “He’s not good enough to have an opinion. He’s not. Everyone has a voice in the NBA now. He’s not gonna take no team to the playoffs. He’s not a guy that shouldn’t even start, actually.”
In the end, the Raptors may have done Carroll a favor
Toronto traded Carroll to the Nets this summer for Justin Hamilton, a move that saved Toronto $30 million over the next two years. The rugged, 3-and-D forward reunites with Kenny Atkinson, now Brooklyn’s head coach who was an assistant in Atlanta during Carroll’s tenure.

“My biggest thing with Kenny is, he gets it,” Carroll said, according to the New York Post. “He played overseas for years, and his communication skills are one of the best in the league. He gets the most out of players as a coach. That’s what you have to have, that level of communication; and he has it.”

Likewise, if the Pacers had held out, they could have made a deal with the Celtics. Boston had the most assets on the market by a long shot, reportedly even offering the 2017 Nets pick that turned into the No. 1 selection at last season’s trade deadline that Indiana turned down. In retrospect, that was an enormous mistake by outgoing president Larry Bird.

But new Pacers general manager Kevin Pritchard seemingly doubled down on Friday, not waiting on an offer that the Boston Herald, Boston Globe and ESPN all reported was something like Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, and three lower first-round picks.

Boston may have been holding that offer until Gordon Hayward made his free-agent Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys decision, but again, it’s not like Oklahoma City’s trade would have gone anywhere. Worse, we think we know the reasoning for why the Pacers were nervous to wait on the Celtics: he was worried Cheap Lacrosse Jerseys about sending him to an Eastern Conference opponent.

3 winners from Monday night Summer League basketball

Monday’s Summer League games, like all the other ones before it, consisted of young players who played with intensity and speed. You’ve seen young players like Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox, Miami Heat forward Edrice “Bam” Adebayo, and Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball have solid performances in the Summer League.

However, there are three other players who proved to fans Monday they can play in the NBA, too.

It also wouldn’t be a massive cap relief. Sure, the Blazers are getting rid of bad contracts, but they’re taking on two of Love at about $25 million each year. If things go poorly, it might even be three years, since Love has a player option on his final season. Portland could definitely save a little bit on the luxury tax, but they may be looking to shed even more than this trade would allow them to. Plus, it would probably cost them a draft pick, too.

Chances this trade happens: 3 out of 10. The biggest question is whether Love would actually make Portland better, and that trumps any other benefits.

On the Lakers, Rose will challenge Lonzo Ball, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Jordan Clarkson for minutes. He’ll get plenty — not start-level as he did in New York, but more than he’d likely get in Cleveland. L.A. won’t be good, though, and Lonzo is the future. There’s no runway for Rose with the Lakers. It’d be yet another pit stop.

We can all agree that going back to Chicago would just be plain weird. But here’s the thing: that team doesn’t have any lead scorers other than Dwyane Wade at the moment. Zach LaVine will Cheap Kids Jerseys almost assuredly miss the beginning of the regular season while recovering from ACL surgery, and Cheap Jerseys World odds are Chicago will bring him along slowly given the low likelihood the Bulls will be competitive.

It’s hard to imagine Houston as a great defensive team with Anthony and Harden on the floor together.

Hardaway was fine for a late first-round pick, and he’s fine for a supplemental wing scorer — a poor man’s Jamal Crawford, if you will. But that is a huge contract, even at the current modern salary levels. Hardaway’s average salary is something like 18 percent of the salary cap. You can’t be paying a guy who should be your fifth or sixth best player 18 percent of the cap! Math dictates that you don’t do that!

Once the Hawks refuse to match the offer sheet — I can’t imagine a world in which they match — this will become the second worst contract in the NBA … behind the deal the Knicks gave Joakim Noah last summer! At least Hardaway’s limbs are in working order (as far as we know).

Mike D’Antoni and Anthony aren’t the best of friends. In fact, D’Antoni admitted Anthony is the reason he is no longer with the New York Knicks. A trade to Houston means Anthony would have to commit to playing in that same system, and if it didn’t work out for them once it might not work out the next go round either.

Plus, Anthony isn’t a great defender. He never has been. It’s hard to imagine Houston as a great defensive team with Anthony and Harden on the floor together. They won’t have a defensive stopper who can match up with the top wings in the conference. They’ll have to outscore opponents every night without stops, which is possible but difficult.

The team’s depth will suffer to make the trade work. Some combination of Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, and Clint Capela will likely have to be included in the deal with Capela being the most untouchable player in any deal.

Anthony isn’t the same star player he used to be, but his $26 million salary Cheap Jerseys Supply makes it difficult to keep key players on the roster. Whether he’s worth that still remains to Cheap Jerseys Online be seen.

Yankees acquire Sonny Gray for 3 top prospects

The Yankees got the stabilizing rotation presence they wanted, as Jack Curry broke the news that New York had reached agreement with the A’s on a deal for Sonny Gray. Yahoo!’s Jeff Passan quickly confirmed the three prospects going back to Oakland in the deal: Jorge Mateo, James Kaprielian, and Dustin Fowler.

Gray slots right into the Yankees rotation alongside fellow acquisition Jaime Garcia, giving the Yankees a new-look starting five that includes Luis Severino, CC Sabathia, and a seemingly rejuvenated Masahiro Tanaka, who has cut his ERA from 6.55 at the start of June down to 5.09 and dominated the Rays over eight innings with 14 strikeouts in his last start.

Who wouldn’t watch a two-man Home Run Derby in November for a charity of their choice? If Michael Phelps can fake-race a shark then we could put this together somehow.

Also, this is pretty convenient timing, Canseco. The kid is in the middle of a vicious slump, after all. This hit-off needs to happen once he’s back to full force to make everything fair.

Statistically though, this might be over before it gets started.

Canseco’s probably most notable home run, in the 1989 ALCS, is estimated to have traveled 443 feet, not 500 feet or more as some have alleged over time. Just this season, Judge hit a ball to the upper deck of Yankee Stadium that was estimated at a whopping 496 feet.

So do I think that Conseco would actually win this little exercise? Probably not. But in the midst of tweets about time travel and “Would You Rather?” games, this is grounded in a way that Cheap Youth MLB Jerseys his other extemporaneous thoughts aren’t.

It will probably never happen, but what I’m saying is give the man what he wants Fc Barcelona Cheap Jerseys and make this happen. Make Judge prove himself in the Canseco-Dome.

“They’ll break me. They’ll kill me,” he said, of returning home to Venezuela.

He was speaking to the volatile political climate in the country, where government corruption runs rampant and to vocally support protesters can put someone’s life in danger. Cabrera has spoken in the past about the situation in Venezuela, but on Monday he was the most candid he’d ever been.

In Spanish, he said, “I’m tired of paying protection money so they don’t kidnap my mother.”

In between these videos were clips of his family on vacation, juxtaposing the stark economic and political realities of Venezuela with the every day life of a megamillionaire baseball superstar. Money, however, does not make Cabrera immune to fear and frustration. He sees what is happening in his home nation, he still has family there. His money puts him in a position to protect those he loves, but it doesn’t mean he does not feel rage about the fear and danger his loved ones remain in day to day.

Then the Royals started winning and winning, and while they didn’t exactly go on Mitchell And Ness Cheap Jerseys the same streak as the Dodgers, they were 44-27 after a 10-20 start. They were in position for a wild card slot, and that’s if they weren’t pushing the Indians for the Central.

The Royals have been outscored on the season, and their expected record is more like 54-60. The players they traded for — Brandon Maurer, Trevor Cahill, and Ryan Buchter — have all been terrible. The most important part of this endeavor, though, is that the Royals are going to be decimated by free NBA Cheap Jerseys China agency. Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain, and Jason Vargas are either going to be so expensive that they’ll prevent the Royals from signing some of the other guys, or they’re going away.

White Sox trade Todd Frazier to Yankees for top prospects

Todd Frazier is heading to the Yankees for prospects, with pitchers David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle also part of the deal. CBS Chicago’s Bruce Levine was the first to report the trade.

The 2017 rotation is not getting much of anything from Josh Tomlin and Trevor Bauer, so even though Kluber, Carrasco, and Salazar are all contributing, and Mike Clevenger has done a great job of filling in the blanks, there is room for improvement. Kluber and Darvish together in a postseason rotation that also has Carrasco in it would be devastating to opposing teams, especially with Cleveland’s still-stupidly-jaw-dropping bullpen behind them.

Cleveland gaining Darvish would also help them secure an AL Central that has lost the competitiveness of the Twins and replaced it with the Royals, in what has basically been the equivalent of the real antagonist of a video game being revealed halfway through when it turns out you only defeated their underling.

This one is an A-, which might seem high, but again, we’re hours from the deadline. The only reason this isn’t an A+ believable rumor is because the Yankees and Dodgers are still involved in Darvish negotiations.

With that being said, though, Yahoo’s Jeff Passan says the Dodgers and Rangers “simply aren’t matching up” despite repeated attempts to do so, and the Yankees remain focused on Sonny Gray as their primary target. That might leave the Indians as the only team willing to give the Rangers anything for Wholesale MLB Jerseys Darvish, unless someone swoops in with a slightly better offer after realizing the Really Cheap Jerseys coastal bullies have left the room.

Should the Cardinals buy, sell, or stay at the MLB trade deadline?

It’s easy to dismiss the Cardinals since they’re under .500, but this is still a team that could surprise in the NL Central. They aren’t one of the NL’s premier teams like they’ve been in the recent past — the NL Central isn’t exactly setting the world on fire the way it was when the Cubs won 97 games and finished in third in the division — but they’re very much in that “anything can happen in the postseason” zone.

They just have to get there first, and there is no guarantee they will. So the question before them is whether it’s worth buying to try to be the weakest division winner in the NL — one potentially worse than either of the wild card teams — or if it’s time to sell to prepare for 2018. They could also sit and do nothing and see if their course reverses itself enough to overcome their middling season so far. But where’s the fun in that?

The St. Louis Cardinals were supposed to come back strong this year with Dexter Fowler in tow, but instead they have bounced between disappointing and dominant to end up right around .500 on the season. Thanks to disappointment elsewhere in their division, however, that’s not as untenable a position as it would have been the last few seasons in the NL Central.

Despite being home-schooled for the entirety of high school, Bo shined for Lakewood Victor Cruz Cheap Jerseys High School in St. Petersburg and was named Florida’s Gatorade Player of the Year and Mr. Baseball his senior year.

The Cubs are the Ghost of Baseball Past, then, a formerly dominating Wholesale NFL Jerseys Supply team with the same roster and young players, most of whom are young and were expected to improve. They can’t stop winning as many as they lose, though, and it’s made for a much more confusing season than anyone was expecting.