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LaVar Ball has identified the status quo and made it clear that he believes Big Baller Brand to be above it.

The year after the injury, he didn’t just return to the level that he was at, he got better. And this season, he went up another level. The same story applies to the postseason. The year before he broke his leg, he averaged 22 points, the year after he was at 27, and this year, in the three games against the Cavaliers, he’s been above 30.

George has played his part. He did what was expected of a young player and harnessed Cheap Barcelona Jerseys his talents to become one of the best two-way players in the league. And he has done what is expected of the star of the team: he shows up when his team needs him and he takes his game to the next level during the playoffs. He has repeatedly shown through his performance that he wants to win with Indiana.

Yet, the suggestion of his apathy or even callousness towards the Pacers remain. That he’s checked out, because he doesn’t want to sign an extension with the team. That he’s ungrateful to the Pacers because he wants to play on a winning team.

LaVar Ball has identified the status quo and made it clear that he believes Big Baller Brand to be above it. And who’s to say that’s not true? To put it frankly, LaVar has not one but potentially three giant basketball assets in his arsenal, and as a bonus, he’s found a way to make himself a commodity as well. Whether you like it or not, LaVar Ball has figured out how to play the game.

“That’s the thing — it’s all about leverage,” said the sneaker company source. “If Lonzo does land in a good market and he does well for himself, he has all the leverage he could probably ask for. He won’t be handcuffed to an initial deal, and he’ll have the [sneaker] market in his hands. He could end up with way more money next year [than he would if he signed with a sneaker giant this year].”

Curry, Harden, and Westbrook are capable defenders

Pageau spent a collective total of two and a half years honing his craft for the Binghamton Senators and in 142 games, he registered 38 goals while recording 56 assists.

In his rookie season, JGP scored 7 and had 22 assists in 69 games while adding 2 goals and 2 assists in 9 contests with Ottawa. Pager then spent the better parts of 2013-’15 seasons with Binghamton before joining Ottawa for good in the spring of 2015.

Despite his smallish stature, Pager can fly down the ice with puck control and create scoring chances. The 5’ 10” spark plug played a big role for the BSens in making the playoffs in two consecutive seasons (2012-14).

Curry, Harden, and Westbrook are capable defenders, though less is asked of them. There are not defenders at the level of Kawhi, Durant, or LeBron in any sense, and would not be if they were asked to fill that role.

But again, all basketball players are technically two-way players. As Wholesale Jerseys Cheap such, the best two-way player in basketball is by default the best basketball player in the world. Both sides of the ball matter equally on the scoreboard. A point scored is equally as valuable as a point prevented.

There is a real argument that individual offense is more important than individual defense because of the role of the team on both ends. One elite creator can make a bigger difference than one elite defender on any given possession. But is that difference huge? Probably not.

It turns out Corey Davis lit up the Big Ten some

“Corey Davis is a generational player. It’s that simple. The MAC has had some fantastic players over the years. A few months ago I wrote a post about Jason Taylor going to Canton. There will be other posts in future years about ex-MAC players getting their invite into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I am not going to sit here and guarantee that Corey Davis is going to be one of them, or even guarantee he is going to be a pro bowler, but he certainly has the potential for both.” — Read More at Hustle Belt

NFL teams might have had a better sense if they’d seen him perform in person at the NFL Combine, but he didn’t participate in any drills. Instead, Davis was recovering from surgery in January to fix torn ligaments in his ankle, adding to the sense of mystery that floats around his selection.

It turns out Corey Davis lit up the Big Ten some, when given the chance.

You look at the numbers, where one can get a better idea of Davis’ skill by weeding out his MAC opponents from the Power 5 teams the Broncos played the last three seasons. Coincidentally, all six came from the Big Ten.

At the very least, imagine a batter chasing a pitcher and trying to do this, straight Benny Hill-style. I’m not even sure what I’m arguing anymore, other than that I really want this to happen. We deserve this addition to the unwritten-punishment arsenal.

Except, while that’s roughly as ridiculous as throwing a baseball at someone, except doing that can’t actually concuss the pitcher or end his career/life. So Design Cheap Jerseys the pitchers still have the upper hand. The only logical way to make it equitable is to allow batters to wield their potentially fatal tool as a weapon, too, and we know that’s not going to happen.

Daniels would be an option if the Grizz don’t retain Allen — if Daniels could defend.

The 40-year-old Carter started in place of Allen in this series. Playing him heavy minutes and asking him to defend guys 15-plus years younger than them in today’s up-tempo, spread NBA is asking a lot.

Daniels would be an option if the Grizz don’t retain Allen — if Daniels could defend. (He can’t, though he’s young and surrounded by defensive greatness, so this is not necessarily a fixed trait.) There’s no one else on the roster able to plug in there.

In Z-Bo’s case, Green may be ready for a larger role if Memphis can afford to keep him. He’s not much of a scorer and is only a marginally more willing deep shooter than Randolph. But he plays Fizdale’s style: hard-nosed defense along with swift transition offense.

Green proved to be a good fit with Gasol and Conley all season, and Memphis can match any offer sheet he signs. Will another team go all out for Green? Maybe. We all remember the Solomon Hill contract from last summer, and Green has a stronger NBA track record. But keeping JaMychal seems like a serious priority for Memphis, even if it means losing Z-Bo.

Pierce had long been the team’s Captain, but now he was The Celtics Captain the way Havlicek served that role. As he climbed the ranks of the franchise’s leaderboard, he passed legends and Hall of Famers. Only John Havlicek and Bill Russell played more minutes in a Celtics’ uniform and only Hondo scored more points. No less an authority than Ryan called him the best pure scorer in Celtic history — which caused a considerable local stir — and placed him in his all-time Top Five.

We can argue about where Pierce ranks among the Celtic immortals, but no one can deny that in those 15 years in Boston, Pierce became family. There were genuine tears shed on Cheap Tigers Jerseys his first return to Boston in a visiting uniform and subsequent visits felt like catching up with an old friend.

Bucks helped a young fan kick an inflatable raptor in the face

The Milwaukee Bucks are not playing fair during the game breaks. Before the game started, the arena played the Barney the Dinosaur song for the Toronto Raptors during player introductions. They did this twice! If you’re not a member of the Raptors, you probably find this funny.

Then the Bucks took it a step further on Saturday.

The Bucks got a young fan to run on the court and, with the help of Bango, she kicked a raptor in the face! What did that inflatable dino ever do to you, young fan? He just wanted to hang out and enjoy some basketball. We do not condone violence against raptors or any other prehistoric creature.

This is an impressive kick though. It looks like she’s in a wrestling Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale ring and delivered a big boot to her opponent.

In which the players you’re less familiar with become players you’re more familiar with. Max Kepler wasn’t one of the 1,521 players drafted in 2009, but he came out of nowhere to become a top-100 prospect before the 2016 season, and then he held his head above water in the majors. He’s looking like a modern-day David DeJesus right now, and Only 2000s Kids Will Understand How Exciting That Is. If he keeps it up, and a Cheap Oakland Raiders Jerseys dozen other things go right, the Twins have a shot.

Robbie Grossman is doing what he did last year, and he’s doing it just a little more convincingly, with more walks than strikeouts.

Eduardo Escobar is floating around, taking over the Nu?ez role and doing even better than he did in 2014 and 2015. He’ll need to keep doing that.

It should be fun seeing what a player like Garrett can do in his system.

Does this mean Cleveland is getting a new taco place?

Garrett said in January that he would miss Fuego, which he proclaimed to be “the finest taco dispensary on the planet.” Now that he’s arrived, Cleveland might have to open up its own Philadelphia Eagles Cheap Jerseys location.

“Wherever I end up next, I will do whatever I can to make sure that Fuego opens a franchise in that city,” Garrett said. “This is something that is very important to me.”

At the very least, now that Garrett is the top pick in the draft, he can enjoy those crawfish.

That was the year they settled on a franchise quarterback, taking Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford with the first overall pick in the NFL draft, a pick earned thanks to a 1-15 effort the year before. The Rams already had their left tackle of the future, Baylor’s Jason Smith, whom they picked at No. 2 in 2009. Mix in a handful of up-and-coming defensive stars, and you could finally see better days ahead for the most overlooked franchise in all of professional sports.

But here’s a simple truth about life that you’ll do well to remember — whenever it looks like everything’s coming up Milhouse, some defensive end slides past Jason Smith and crushes that hope.

I hadn’t given up completely on the Rams in 2012, when the team hired head coach Jeff Fisher and his hand-picked general manager. They still had Bradford, who was OK enough to allow them to send the second overall pick to Washington in exchange for a haul of draft picks that should have been enough to pull Pittsburgh Steelers Cheap Jerseys the team out of perpetual rebuild mode and into contention.

Clemson’s championship meant a ton to the linebacker.

“Linebacker wins” aren’t a statistic, but Boulware’s contributions to Clemson’s national championship this past season are what put him on the the board. Boulware was the emotional leader of the Clemson Tigers, and his play on the field was just as admirable. With six tackles (two for loss) and a pass defense, Boulware was dominant in the Tigers’ January victory over the Crimson Tide, earning game MVP honors.

Clemson’s championship meant a ton to the linebacker. A lifelong Clemson man who’d promised the Tigers would get revenge over the Tide, he got the national championship trophy tattooed on his Achilles after the Tigers defeated the Crimson Tide and called out his haters on social media with a picture of the tat after it was finished.

He plays with attitude and made a few controversial plays during the season, including one when he suplexed an opponent:

The former Tigers linebacker has the mental fortitude and physicality to succeed at the inside linebacker position for the Panthers.

Rivers is certainly a favorite of Falcons fans, but is he actually a favorite of the Falcons? He would give Atlanta a pass rusher to go along with Vic Beasley. Malik McDowell of Michigan State could be an option, as well, because of his versatility.

Until the Saints somehow manage to acquire Malcolm Butler NFL Jerseys Free Shipping I think they leave the first night of the draft with a cornerback. In this scenario it was either New York Yankees Cheap Jerseys White or Chidobe Awuzie of Colorado. Could this be a landing spot for Kizer?

Sure, his 5’11 stature is a “problem,” but it was also perceived as a problem for Russell Wilson when he was entering the NFL, and he’s got a Super Bowl ring now. The Browns, Texans, Broncos, Jets, and 49ers could all use some quarterback help. A bunch of mediocre quarterbacks like Ryan Mallett, Aaron Murray, and Connor Shaw have new contracts this offseason, and honestly, I’d rather give Peppers a shot than somebody like Kellen Clemens.

The Raiders took Khalil Mack fifth overall in the 2014 draft

The defensive end’s pedigree and production speak volumes, but there’s a lot more to Walker’s game than what shows up in the box scores.

Walker can win in a variety of different ways, and his sack totals obviously display that. The defensive end has a devastating swim move and some of the most impressive hands of any prospect in this year’s class.

The Raiders took Khalil Mack fifth overall in the 2014 draft, and he was last season’s Defensive Player of the Year and has already been named a first-team All-Pro twice in his three-year career. Quarterback Derek Carr was a second-rounder in 2014, and was an MVP candidate throughout last year until a fractured fibula in Week 16 cut his season short.

There might not be a Carr waiting for the Browns this year, but they Cheap Jerseys Soccer China can bounce back if they approach each pick like it’s their only pick. Eleven solid picks would help start a turnaround in Cleveland. A couple of wasted ones, and it’s just another year of the same old Browns.

If that happens, there’s only one thing left for Browns fans Cheap Jerseys Outlet Shop to do.

“Drink,” Simmons said. “It’s the Browns. That’s a very real possibility that they might not get it right.” Finally, a good game on Thursday Night Football. Even if one or both of these teams struggles in 2017, the Seahawks-Cardinals matchup is always interesting. Last year’s tie between these two clubs was one of the strangely compelling games in recent memory.

Of course, there’s always a sucker. Or there’s always a desperate team that can’t bear the thought of passing on a potential franchise guy, even if it knows the odds.

Of the eight quarterbacks picked in the first round over the last three years, five have gone in the top three. After the top three, only six quarterbacks have gone in the rest of the first two rounds.

Everett is built more like a wide receiver than a tight end.

Everett is a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none type. He can play in-line, out as a jumbo slot or in a hybrid H-back spot. He’s not the most aggressive blocker, but he generally understands where he needs to be and has the athletic ability to get there. As a pass catcher, Everett Cheap Custom Hockey Jerseys has value, but he doesn’t live up to his athletic profile.

Everett is built more like a wide receiver than a tight end. When the ball is in the air, he does not show great prowess or ability, but he catches enough tight passes to demand respect, and he has nice after-the-catch ability. Everett can be a solid No. 2 with a versatile skill set.

Within the first 20 seconds of the game, Rudy Gobert went down with a knee injury and was carried off the court. It seemed as if the Jazz’s playoff hopes were shattered before they even started. But rather than feel sorry for what had happened, the Jazz came together and pulled out a win on the road in Los Angeles to take home court advantage away from the Clippers.

It was an all-around team effort from the Jazz with Joe Johnson scoring 21 points, Gordon Hayward with 19, George Hill with 16, and Derrick Favors with 15. Even bigger, was the game-winner from Joe Johnson at the buzzer.

Meanwhile, the Clippers lost that game to a depleted Utah Jazz team and Cheap Jerseys From China NHL have some major issues to take care of if they want to make a deep playoff run. Doc Rivers also wasn’t too happy after the game.